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* If you're looking for stylish and sophisticated entertainment

for your guests and clients, then I can help.


My music offers a gentle and relaxing atmosphere for your hospitality event, and your guests will enjoy a broad and carefully selected playlist of classical and well known pieces. You might be arranging a staff Christmas meal, an anniversary celebrating your company's achievements, a book launch, a charity dinner or a retirement reception. Whatever your event I am happy to tailor my playlist to your unique needs and requests, and I can also advise on the most effective way to use to my music in the context of your event.


Corporate Entertainment Rates 2015-16:


* Up to the first full hour of playing = 200

Covers any measure of time up to the first 60 minutes of playing time


* Up to an additional half hour of playing = 50

Covers any additional measure of time up to 30 minutes of playing time


* Up to an additional hour of playing = 75

Covers any additional measure of time between 30-60 minutes of playing time


* Travel = 40p per mile

Only charged for venues over 20mins drive time


* ETP (Extra Time Premium)

Covers any measure of time I am with you but not playing, such as a break to have food (does not include set-up or pack down time)

  • Up to 30mins ETP = 20

  • Between 30-60mins ETP = 40

* Refreshments

Please make arrangements with the venue to provide me with hot and cold drinks on request. In addition, depending on the time of day of your event, and the length of time you have booked me for, you may need to provide a light meal.

Do contact me to discuss the possibilities, or if you have any questions about making a booking.


If you would like to hear more you can request a copy of my demo by using the contact link above. For further info on the kind of music you might like to have at your special event, consult the link on the left hand side of this page to take a look at my long and eclectic music list.



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